MiSST Schools

The mission of the Music in Secondary Schools Trust is to transform the lives of children and young people through music.

The Trust will do this by providing individual instruments and music lessons for whole year groups of students thus enabling students to study,  play and perform in ensemble and orchestral groups.

As a result:

  • discipline and commitment to learning will improve
  • the skill of working in a team and a large group will be developed
  • academic attainment will increase

This will lead to lives being enriched.

On 23 April 2013 the MiSST was launched at a press conference at Highbury Grove School, Islington.

The MiSST will promote the education of young people by:

  • supporting the Highbury Grove School model intensive music programme at Highbury Grove School
  • rolling out this programme to other secondary schools
  • each student as they enter the secondary school will study a classical musical instrument for a minimum of 3 years as part of their compulsory curriculum. The instrument and the tuition will be at no cost to the students or their families. All students on the programme will be expected to practice and perform in ensemble and orchestral groups on a regular basis.

The MiSST delivers the Andrew Lloyd Webber Programme through its partner schools. As of September 2014 there are 6 participating secondary schools in London. These are:



Highbury Grove School – Islington 


Highbury Grove is an outstanding school that over the last 8 years has pioneered, trialled and pushed boundaries in relation to all young people having an entitlement to several years of high quality, classical music tuition. As a result well over half of the students now study and play a classical instrument. Highbury Grove now has several orchestras and many ensemble groups, in addition to choirs and rock bands. In 2013 – 2014 the Senior Orchestra went on their first music tour to Italy. It was a life changing experience. In the current academic year the same orchestra will travel to Parla in Spain and the Junior Orchestra will tour to Italy.



  Lister Community School – Newham


Lister joined MiSST as the first partner school in September 2013. A year later there are 480 students on the programme. As a Specialist School in the performing arts, Lister sees music as a key driver in developing well rounded young people by engaging them in all aspects of learning, listening and performing.

Through the MiSST partnership Lister is able to build on Newham’s – ECaM scheme to ensure that every student has an entitlement to ongoing and high quality music tuition. In 2013 – 2014 and continuing this year the school is leading a local music partnership so that as young people move from primary to secondary school their music education continues and progresses.


Frederick Bremer School – Waltham Forest

Frederick Bremer School recently took part in Channel 4’s Educating the East End and viewers witnessed first-hand the unconditional commitment of staff supporting young people however challenging to ensure they get the most they can from their education. Music will now play a significant part in the school’s journey of transformation. Students in Year 7 will learn to play violins, violas and flutes during their class music lesson. Those who are keen and motivated to take their music to a higher level will have additional teaching time and from this ensemble and orchestral groups will grow.


Islington Arts and Media School – Islington


IAMS is a school with a long commitment to the arts and a vision that every student is a scholar. Joining as a partner MiSST School in September 2014 the Headteacher is clear that “This project offers a life changing opportunity for our young people and we are thrilled to be part of the MISST programme. Our pupils were simply delighted when they opened the instruments for the first time and then took them home.”


Mount Carmel Catholic School for Girls – Islington


Mount Carmel is a small school on a journey of becoming outstanding. The school has an amazing choir with respectful and friendly students who are all very proud to be part of the Mount Carmel community. Year 7 students in September 2014 will all play either a stringed classical instrument or a flute as part of the Andrew Lloyd Webber Programme.



Sedgehill School – Lewisham


Sedgehill School seeks to ensure that a student’s background does not define their future. This means transforming lives by providing students with the experiences and values that will become the springboard for success in life. With a strong reputation within the performing arts, which includes an amazing choir and in the recent past a very strong brass band, the school is clear that the music programme will provide the vehicle to develop both musical excellence and many underpinning life skills.



 Joining the programme

We frequently receive requests from schools across the UK enquiring about how to join the MiSST programme. Unfortunately, at this point, we are not currently able to fund any further programmes as our present funding has been committed. Thank you to those who have expressed an interest.






Deronne White: Year 13

Before Deronne joined Highbury Grove he played the violin, however he never achieved any grades. Despite Deronne being unaware of the music provision when he initially joined Highbury Grove, he immediately took full advantage of it. Deronne began to play the cello in year 7, but after being inspired by the sound and melodies of the flute, Deronne took up the instrument in year 8. At present Deronne is studying for his A Level in music and is set to achieve well.

Deronne’s mother is extremely supportive of his musical pursuits and loves to watch him perform. Deronne says “My mum is often surprised by my ability, she was especially surprised when she watched my GCSE flute performance.”

Deronne has auditioned for one of the coveted positions as a flautist in the National Youth Orchestra for the past two years since he has become eligible to apply.  This year he made it to the final round of auditions but narrowly missed again.  Not perturbed by this, Deronne has set to practicing even harder on his flute and hopes that his acceptance to London Schools Symphony Orchestra will develop him as a player to achieve his future dream of studying in a music conservatoire.


Deronne White